• Columbia University: Graduate School of Architecture

    Columbia University: Graduate School of

    The Columbia Building Intelligence Project (C BIP) is a research program designed to explore new forms of technology-enabled collaborative design workflows within architectural education. C BIP is comprised of integrated design studios supported by local and international think tanks along...

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  • Toronto Animal Services Adoption Promo

    Toronto Animal Services Adoption Promo

    They have no idea what to do with a ball. But two dogs from Iran (the first international rescued animals to be taken in and put up for adoption by Toronto Animal Services) do know what they like. And that...

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  • Stan Douglas: Lecture

    Stan Douglas: Lecture

    Stan Douglas, the focus of a major solo exhibition this season at The Power Plant, speaks about his new work and his critically renowned practice. Douglas’s pioneering work in photography and film/video installation has been exhibited nationally and internationally for...

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  • Chris Chong: HEAVENHELL

    Chris Chong: HEAVENHELL

    Presented in MOCCA’s Project Space, HEAVENHELL is a six-channel audio-video installation that restages the stylized scene in the location Kurosawa originally intended. Make Me Video sourced and installed the 6-channel synch system that drove this art work by Chris Chong...

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  • Simon Starling: The Warrior

    Simon Starling: The Warrior

    This documentary follows the over 2 year process that created Simon Starling’s: The Warrior; a Henry Moore cast replica left to collect zebra mussels in the waters of Lake Ontario for 25 months. The Warrior is currently on display at...

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