• Drama Works: Textbook Trailer

    Drama Works: Textbook Trailer

    As part of their promotional campaign, Make Me Video worked with EMP to develop a sharable book trailer to accompany the recent publication of this high school textbook, Drama Works....

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  • Douglas Coupland: Lecture

    Douglas Coupland: Lecture

    Douglas Coupland (born 1961) is a Canadian novelist. Since 1991, he has written thirteen novels published in most languages.  Coupland’s talk will draw on his art practice to address the notion of “public” and “private”, fiction and non-fiction. The International...

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  • Christian Bök & Kenneth Goldsmith: Lecture

    Christian Bök & Kenneth Goldsmith:

    Experimental poets Kenneth Goldsmith and Christian Bök are two of the earliest founders of the conceptual writing movement. They discuss an unofficial history and overview of conceptual literature, concluding with a reading and presentation of a range of conceptual texts....

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  • Jeroen Eisinga: Springtime

    Jeroen Eisinga: Springtime

    In Springtime, his latest film installation, Eisinga conducts a simultaneously grotesque, spellbinding, and potentially life-threatening performance, evoking both horror and awe as he withstands a swarming of nearly 200,000 bees. photo credit: Nick Wons...

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  • Crawford Lake Longhouse

    Crawford Lake Longhouse

    The reconstructed 15th century Iroquoian Village is an interpretation of what life in the village may have been like at that time. Make Me Video was contracted to design, source and install an extensive, synched audio visual experience for the...

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  • Can Bar Prep: Online Video Course

    Can Bar Prep: Online Video Course

    Emond Montgomery Publications has been publishing quality law school casebooks since 1978. EMP also offers a series of courses for students to prepare to write their Bar exams. Make Me! Video helped EMP create the online version of this program....

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  • Music Video – “I Know”

    Music Video – “I Know”

    A music video! The song is “I Know” by guitar-rock indie band Tracking Nicely....

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  • Art Toronto: Panel Discussions

    Art Toronto: Panel Discussions

    Video documentation of Art Toronto’s Speakers Series as part of the 2014 Toronto International Art Fair at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre....

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  • Orchard Point, Orillia: Testimonial/Sales Promo

    Orchard Point, Orillia: Testimonial/Sale

    With Muskoka-inspired architecture and a host of amenities including a lakeside pool, fitness centre and on-site Starport marina, Orchard Point Harbour on Lake Simcoe offers an exciting alternative to traditional lakeside living. Make Me Video created a short video that...

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