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digiPlaySpace Tour in China

In 2015 we were invited to provide equipment consultation and on-site installation support for digiPlaySpace’s tour to three cities on the Chinese mainland; Beijing, Xi’an & Shijiazhuang. BEIJING i4BEIJING i5 copyXi'an i9 Read more


In their 2015 installation The Burghers of Vancouver, celebrated Quebec filmmaker Denys Arcand and photographer and video artist Adad Hannah revisit the idea of the urban public monument by dismantling and recreating Rodin's famous sculpture Les Bourgeois de Calais using actors.    ...
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Wavelengths Festival

Albert Serra - Singularity Commissioned for "Catalonia in Venice" at last year’s Venice Biennale by curator Chus Martínez, Albert Serra’s monumental five-screen film installation sensually explores, in no narrative order, the stirrings of a society based on labour and sexual exploitation that is forced to develop new forms of technology in order to subsist. Ana Mendieta -...
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Guy Maddin’s HAUNTINGS

Guy Maddin's project haunted TIFF Bell Lightbox with a series of short film installations that engage the ghosts of cinema. Starting from the premise that every filmmaker has an unrealized project, a half-finished or abandoned film doomed to oblivion or left on the cutting-room floor, Maddin  produced a series of shorts that explore...
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